In Confidence, watercolour and pencil on paper 2016, series of 12 drawings, 30 x 27.9 cm

A Conference, pencil on paper, 2015, series of 12 drawings

REEL 1, 2016, gouache and oil on canvas, 60 x 46cm

SOFT SERVICE, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2015


REPEAT COPIER (BLACK /20 sheets) 2016. Gouache on A3 size paper. Selected for Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016

The Black and White Project, Transmitter Gallery, New York

Repeat Copier (Jet/004) 2016, gouache, pencil, oil  on canvas on panel, 30cm x 40cm Photographed at the studio

Repeat Copier ( Black 003 / canvas ) 2016, 100cm x 70cm ‘Summer Mix’ July 2016, at Turps Gallery, London



Geometry, Wonky and Otherwise

DEDA , Derby

Or To series, 2015

Lines for Agnes

The Crypt St Marylebone Parish Church, London

Service Road (Pastures/Gold) series, 2015

Postcard fundraiser

Fold Gallery, London

Push Pad series, 2015

Now You See It Now You Don’t

The Chapel, Speen

Push Pad series, 2015

Bankley Open Call 2015, Manchester

Push Pad series, 2015

This Year’s Model, Studio 1.1, London

Service Road and Push Pad Series 2015


All images copyright © Marion Piper 2017